WM’s Socio Economic Framework

The main focus of WMES initially was delivery of the West Midlands Socio-Economic Framework to help West Midlands organisations secure the most from future the ERDF programme; this was delivered at the end of June 2013. The framework was developed in conjunction with with a range of organisations including Local Authorities, LEPs, Universities, the business community, research organisations and the third sector.

The framework highlighted the socio-economic needs and priorities across the West Midlands and suggested how they could be addressed by the new European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF); essentially providing a baseline from which the West Midlands LEPs could develop their ESIF Strategies.

The framework has also been instrumental in helping to identify common cross-LEP priorities that could be addressed by using the ESIF to support shared cross-LEP services or activities. The successful identification, development and delivery of these shared cross-LEP actions, services or activities will be critical in ensuring that the ESIF is spent in the most efficient way possible whilst delivering the greatest impact.

Download the Executive Summary here.

Download the Framework by chapter:

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