The purpose of developing links with Chinese regions is allow activities to be undertaken that will allow the development of  opportunities for the West Midlands in the following areas:

  • Inward Investment
  • Business to Business Opportunities
  • Research, Technology Development & Innovation Opportunities
  • Professional training, student exchange, apprenticeships and education (FEI & HEI)
  • Cultural Links
  • Civic Links


  • 1st-6th December 2014: 6 UK Cleantech SMEs travelled to Tianjin to meet with Chinese companies and local government representatives. This mission was supported by the CETREGIO Programme and West Midlands element of Climate Knowledge Innovation Community (KIC).
  • 25th-26th June 2015: 5 representatives from the Guangzhou Development District visited companies, universities, schools in Shrewsbury, Stafford, Birmingham and Coventry.