CETREGIO Programme

The CETREGIO Programme was launched jointly in 2011 by DG REGIO and NDRC to support the development of links and the exchange of good practice between European and Chinese Regions.

2013 Activities

  • 27th-29th May: WMES first became involved when it hosted a visit by 17 NDRC representatives.The focus on the visit was integrated territorial rural-urban development and the party visited Birmingham city centre, the I54 site and the Flax Mill in Shrewsbury.
  • 18th-22nd June: This was followed by a visit to three cities in Guangxi province (Nanning, Beihai and Guilin) to discuss further cooperation possibilities.
  • 9th October: Mark Schneider from WMES presented a review of the May visit to the West Midlands and future plans at the Open Days EU-China High Level Seminar on Regional Policy.
  • 18th-22nd November: Mark Schneider from WMES and Andrew Evans from Shropshire County Council were part of a party of 10 from across Europe who travelled to China. The party visited the city of Wuhan in Hubei Provence, attended the EU-China Urbanisation Partnership Forum in Beijing and visited the city region of Tianjin.

2014 Activities

  • 28th November: Mark Schneider of WMES attended the 9th EU-China High Level Seminar on Regional Policy in Chengdu.
  • 1st-6th December: As a result of the links established in May and November 2014 WMES organised an SME Mission to Tianjin in December 2014.