WMES and S3 Development

WMES will play an activite role in the development of S3 strategies at a local and cross-LEP level, it should be noted that 5 of the 6 WM LEPs agreed in their ESIF strategies to consider S3 in high value manufacturing.  WMES will undertake:

  • A review of what sector activities take place in the West Midlands and where the strengths lie (industrial activity, employment sectors, export sectors etc.)
  • Facilitate LEP workshops to bring together business/LEP representatives to discuss expertise and where the fruitful overlaps could be between sectors  that could be become S3 (May-November 2014)
  • Deliver a series of activities to support the development of S3 (January – May 2015)
  • Facilitated workshops to identify possible opportunities that could be developed under S3 (technology transfer, knowledge transfer from one area to another leading to development of new opportunities):
    • Reports and reviews to support the pilots
    • Demonstrator activities
    • Start-up grants, KTPs, innovation vouchers etc. 
    • Research European Regions that the West Midlands could work with
  • Review of the pilots to evaluate their impact, continuing with those that are successful, ending those that have not work & identify new opportunities. (April 2015)