Strengthening RTDI

1.1 Innovation in Enterprises

  • Dissemination and adoption of new technologies (key enabling technologies) through cooperation between research and education, technology transfer, applied research, technology development providers and demonstration facilities

1.2 Capacity-building for R&I excellence and technological change

  • Investing in innovative solutions and research infrastructures (research facilities and technology centres, competence centres and science parks) and equipment
  • Focus on enhancing applied research, through reinforced cooperation with industry to leverage private R&I investment

1.3 Capacity-building for the swift economic exploitation of new ideas stemming from R&I

  • Support for clusters, cooperative partnerships between research, education and innovation actors, business R&I infrastructures
  • Promotion of R&I business advisory services
  • Creating more demand for innovative products through public procurement of innovation

1.4 Fostering innovation and the knowledge base in rural areas

  • Cooperation (pilot projects and the development of new products, practices, processes and technologies, including the introduction of low carbon and green technologies) between the agriculture, food and forestry sectors and other actors and the creation of clusters and networks.
  • Establishment and use of rural advisory services to improve economic and environmental performance.

1.5 Strengthen the links between agriculture and forestry and research and innovation

  • Setting up operational groups involving farmers, researchers, advisors, civil society and businesses involved in the agriculture and food sectors in order to develop and implement innovative projects on topics of common interest.