Protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency

6.1 Investment in efficient water supply, waste-water treatment and water reuse

  • New investment in the reduction of leakage
  • Implementation of River Basin Management Plans

6.2 Investment in the waste sector in line with the waste management hierarchy

  • Re-use
  • Recycling
  • Recovery of non-recyclable materials

6.3 Investment in green infrastructure

  • Promote the protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Protection against floods and fires, coastal protection
  • Soil protection
  • Decrease the fragmentation of natural areas
  • Increase water availability
  • Restore heavily modified sites and habitats

6.4 Investment in actions to reduce transport related air pollution

  • Retrofit or replacement programmes for bus fleets
  • Incentive schemes for cleaner transport
  • Improved public transport infrastructure
  • Promotion of alternative forms of transport

6.5 Investment in the diversification of local economies by protecting and enhancing cultural heritage and landscapes (both in rural and urban contexts)

6.6 Support for sustainable integrated urban development

  • Sustainable urban drainage
  • Soil desealing measures
  • Rehabilitation of contaminated sites
  • Rehabilitation of cultural infrastructure

6.7 Restoring, preserving and enhancing biodiversity, including in NATURA 2000 areas and farming systems with a high nature value, and the state of European landscapes

  • Environmentally sound farming systems, including organic farming
  • Establishing and/or maintaining wildlife zones in farm and/or forest areas
  • Granting compensation to farmers and/or forest holders for economic disadvantages faced in NATURA 2000 areas and designated wildlife corridors
  • Payments to farmers who undertake to pursue farming in mountain areas and other areas facing significant natural constraints; reward collective action to deliver environmental public goods

6.8 increasing efficiency in the use of water by agriculture, through investments in more efficient irrigation, advice on water efficiency and preserving the buffer and filter functions of soils

6.9 improvement of water and soil quality, and contribute to protecting soil from erosion, compaction, salinisation, landslides, and loss of organic matter.