Enhancing access to and use and quality of ICT

2.1 Extending broadband deployment and the roll-out of high-speed networks

  • Roll out of open, affordable infrastructures in under-served areas and less developed regions with the aim of creating jobs and increasing productivity.

2.2 E-Government applications to enhance innovation and modernisation of services

2.3 ICT applications contributing to meeting future societal challenges

  • E-Health, ageing population, reducing carbon emissions, resource efficiency, education, integrated ICT solutions for smart cities.

2.4 Investment in large-scale uptake of ICT based innovations within and across regions to address societal challenges.

2.5 Enhancing the accessibility, use and quality of ICT in rural areas

  • Creation, improvement and expansion of broadband infrastructure, including passive broadband infrastructure.
  • ICT applications and services in support of the sustainability and competitiveness of rural areas and of agriculture and food processing.
  • e-content relevant to the development of rural tourism
  • Promotion of digital competence outside formal education systems among farmers, forestry managers and rural businesses.