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Nonsuchnetwork Limited was registered in October 2015 by Mark Schneider and Joy Holland who are directors and manage the company which delivers the West Midlands International Service (WMIS).  Both have considerable experience of European funding and delivering projects in the UK, the EU and China.  WMIS supports businesses, local authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and Universities interested in developing European and International links.

Joy and Mark have managed a number of complex projects and services involving multiple partners and stakeholders over the last 20 years in the UK and China. Involvement in these activities, whether economic development in local authorities business-to-business activity or trade missions has always been positive and helped to ensure successful delivery to targets, within budget and to agreed timescales. Their success is based on their ability to work collaboratively with a range of organisations and with people within those organisations, whether they are the managing director of company or an officer in a local authority.

Current activities include supporting business to business missions to and from China, identifying and developing inward investment opportunities in the West Midlands (WM) and identifying and developing research, technology development and innovation infrastructure that can be delivered by WM organisations in China. WMIS has organised and delivered a range of activities on behalf of the West Midlands including an inward mission by businesses and government representatives from Guangzhou and Tianjin in April 2015, an inward mission by government representatives from Tianjin, Beijing and Guangzhou, an outward business mission to Chengdu and Shantou and an inward mission by the deputy governor of Shanxi Region in May 2016.

WMIS is able to offer training in: advice, support and bidding services to a range of organisations including local authorities, businesses, 3rd sector organisations interested in European funding.

WMIS work with a wide range of partners at home and abroad. Here are just a few ……..


China-EU Regional Economic Cooperation Center (CERECO)