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European Advisory Panel

The EAP (European Advisory Panel) was established in October 2010 to provide an overview of Europe and European funding to West Midlands’ organisations. The membership of the EAP has been kept deliberately broad to ensure that it reflects the needs and opinions of the West Midlands; it presently has 75 members from businesses, the LEPs, local government (offices and elected members), universities, research organisations, social enterprises, business support organisations and MEPs. The EAP provides a forum within which LEP activities related to their ESIF strategies can be discussed.

EAP Terms of reference

Multi LEP Group

The Multi LEP Group (WMES Steering Group) was established to oversee and steer the work of WMES to ensure that the services it offers continue to meet the European needs of the West Midlands’ LEPs who provide the match funding by helping to identify and develop common activities. Links will be maintained with GBSLEP and Coventry and Warwickshire LEP.

As stated above WMES has begun to identify common priorities and needs that exist across LEP boundaries that could be met by developing a shared approach using the ESIF. Given the key relationships and networks that have been built up since June 2012 WMES will continue to facilitate cross LEP working.

Multi LEP Terms of Reference

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